World Cup Triumph: A Few Positives — contributed by my friend T. Seshadri

There are some positives, India can take from this World Cup triumph, for it is considered to be the best possible thing that could have happened to India in the last one year particularly in the midst of scams that tormented its image at the international level.

  • As far as the sports lovers of this nation, it was a stupendous & enthusing joy after a long long time, Cricket for that matter any sports is a joy of the nation. It revitalizes and  bring immense spirit to humans which other wise would be a dull, jaded life.
  • Not only entertainment, sport brings health to the nation and as such its well-being, since health is the wealth of any nation. India  should develop all kinds of sports and play grounds for each and every small town.
  • Cities like Hyderabad are concrete jungles and lack basic sporting infrastructure both for sportspersons and also common man. May be its time to  think that a win in sport gives more joy than a million pounds and thus hope, hyderabad be hereafter called a`sports city` than a `diabetic city’
  • The impact of the world cup was so profound that it is going to last for at least 10 more years or so in India. House wives who never watched cricket murmered “Gambhir deserved man of the match over Dhoni” and kids who held remote in their hands watching cartoons began saying  “Daddy put that Dhoni channel”
  • We Indians of late have come to conclusion that ‘ all is not well in India ‘ and that every one here are selfish and show little patriotism. India have many obstacles in the form of religion, caste, creed and social status. One wondered where these barriers have gone when every one rejoiced that emphatic victory in unison. It portrays that still people are good here and patriotic and one hopes these barriers are lost for ever.
  • In every individual society there will be 70% good and 30% bad, it all depends on which factor predominates. In recent times bad in the society is more exposed than good by the different agencies like media. Recent victory pulled out the factor good in humans.
  • I personally feel that the huge freebies offered to the players weigh nothing when compared to the sudden ,violent,  joy and pride that erupted in the hearts of every Indian

Jai Hind.

Dr. T. Seshadri

Commercial Tax Officer, Anantapur, AP, India.


About Bharath

Random dude from a small town called Anantapur in India.
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