ICC Greatest Test Team of All Time: Get a life, critics!

Recently cricket fans worldwide voted for the greatest test team of all time on ICC’s website, http://www.icc-cricket.com. It consisted of 4 from India, 4 from Australia, 2 from West Indies, 1 from Pakistan. Ever since it was published, there has been tremendous criticism on how flawed the team is with the likes of Geoffrey Boycott, Alec Stewart criticizing it as a “joke”. Guys like Sidhu and Martin Crowe found fault with it on Twitter.

Hey, everyone seems to be forgetting that this is a “fan vote” – the fans were asked to vote for the team and every time you do that, you are putting it in the hands of the people. Any thing based on popular voting, like “American Idol”, “Indian Idol”, and heck, even the Government representatives getting elected — it is all about who the voters think are the best.

So people, stop complaining and accept that this is voter’s choice. If you are concerned that this is not the right selection, lobby with the ICC and select a team picked by the so-called experts!

Oh, and lastly, eulogizing the people of the past and comparing them with the present — not sure how correct that is! That generation had maybe one or two test series a year, no bouncer-limit rules, no helmets, no one-day internationals, no T20s and heck, they even had a “rest” day in a test match! And of course, they didn’t have this great technology advances that help the audience look at each ball/shot with a magnifying glass. So, comparing them with the present – not so apples to apples to me!


About Bharath

Random dude from a small town called Anantapur in India.
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